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Hardware Support

• Network Configurations
• Hardware Configurations

Software Support

• Progress / SQL Database Tuning
• Progress / SQL Custom Reports
• SL7 Database Conversions

Some of our SyteLine courses include:
• Accounts Payable • Navigating through SyteLine
• Accounts Receivable • Online Documentation/Customization
• Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) • Order-Entry Advanced Concepts/Usage
• BOM/ECN • Parameters, Rules and Tables
• Business Intelligence • Payroll
• Customer Order Entry/Customer Service • Production Planning/Control
• Data Colletcion • Progress Results
• EDI • Project Control
• Estimating • Purchasing
• Fundamentals of SyteLine • Return Material Authorization
• General Ledger • Scheduling/Capacity Planning
• Human Resources • SyteLine 101
• Inventory Control SyteLine Configuration
• Inventory Transaction • Workflow
• MRP  

Shop Floor Experts Instructors are all former SyteLine consultants/educators.

Others include
• Accurate Inventory • Lean Manufacturing
• Kaisen Events • Tool Crib Automation
• KanBan • Quick Change Over

and many more...

For more information on any of the courses available, to suggest a class, or to schedule a class, please email us at sales@shopfloorexperts.com.

*SyteLine is a registered Trademark of MAPICS

SyteLine Configuration
Developed for manufacturers of complex and widely variable or customizable products, SyteLine Configuration is the only leading configuration application tightly integrated with SyteLine ERP. SyteLine Configuration provides you with an interactive bridge from your customers to your production operations. Using SyteLine Configuration, customers, salespeople, and order entry clerks can select the appropriate choices from a myriad of product options. Customer service representatives can configure, estimate, price, and order complex products and services with confidence, knowing the product will meet customer specifications, and that the product can be built and delivered on time.
• Streamline the ordering process to save time
• Increases customer satisfaction and retention
• Drives sales revenue and profit
• Cuts lead times on orders
• Configures and prices products right the first time
• Improves production accuracy and saves costs on rework and scrap
Download Configurator Datasheet
SyteLine Workflow

Reduce time to market by improving communications. Communicate and collaborate electronically with vendors and customers. Reducing time-to-market requires coordination communications between engineering, production, marketing, the supply chain and customers. SyteLine Workflow lets you organize and extend all communications within and even outside your enterprise so your company can compete more effectively. The flow of work streams throughout your enterprise, providing complete visibility and routing for all the vital documents, notes and data required for each person in the supply/manufacturing chain to react and execute the tasks necessary for bringing products to market at e-speed. Users employ the Internet, Microsoft® Exchange and Outlook while leveraging business rules so your workforce spends less time on administering tasks, avoids intermediaries, and produces more accurate information.

Download Workflow Datasheet

Return on your investment
• Users develop and deploy workflow processes beyond your enterprise, connecting your entire supply chain to accelerate delivery and improve customer service.
• Data finds the users and only when users need the data so your decision-makers focus their efforts on mission-critical tasks rather than value-less human interaction and administration.
• You avoid "rip, read and re-key" efforts as SyteLine Workflow has the ability to update the SyteLine database so eliminating duplication and inaccuracy while moving at the speed of the new digital economy.
• You are able to electronically connect to trading partner systems on demand, guiding trading partners to appropriate information thereby increasing communication, speed and satisfaction.
• Users can control, transact and review business processes with the enterprise and throughout the entire supply chain. This produces reduced lead times, allows customer and supplier access to information, creates a reduction in overhead costs and offers flexible ordering support...giving you accurate, real-time communication at e-speed.